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Q. My mechanic said I need to replace my Honda transmission what should I do?

Use our Honda Doctor to get the correct answer.

Q. When should I have my Honda transmission serviced?

A Honda transmission should be serviced every 20,000 km or once a year whichever comes first.

Q. Can I tow with my Honda?

We recommend light local duties restricted to small single axle trailers. Always check with Vic Roads about Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

Q. I think there is something wrong with my Honda transmission but I'm not sure?

Contact us immediately for obligation free advice

If your transmission fault was not answered in our FAQ section just ask the Honda Doctor.
Ask the Honda Doctor
From the list below, which fault or faults best describes your car's symptoms?
  Noise when selecting any gear position
  Diagnostic light is on
  Delayed or no drive when selecting any gear position
  Car drives for a certain time then loses drive
  Transmission drives well when cold but becomes erratic when hot
If your car's symptom is not covered above, contact the Honda Doctor urgently on 03 9587 0055.

If you found your car's symptoms above, complete the remainder of the form and click submit.
The Honda Doctor will contact you with a diagnosis.

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